Welcome to L2NC - NEW CLASSIC Servers

Official opening is scheduled, it will be on aug 4 at 20:00 (UTC +3 Europe). And it is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of this great old project, with more than 20 community countries. We have a real expectation of 10k players in the opening!

We are very proud of this and we hope our players see the value in this accomplishment as well. While other servers have constant wipes, fake online, rampant botting, and even exploit their web traffic for forced likes on social media, we don't. We are the opposite of your average server and look at things differently and honestly. Even after so many years our server still gets new features and updates and has a special commitment to make things fair for new players. Come see why we are still here!

Server Info

  • Opening: September 8, 2017
  • Start time: 20:00 (UTC +3 Europe)
  • Client: Classic 2.5 Zaken
  • Rates: x20
  • Server: PTS